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At the Foot Center of McAllen and Weslaco, Texas, we emphasize that foot and ankle problems should be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible, because your feet are essential to your mobility. In some cases, painful foot abnormalities are early warning signs of even more serious ailments such as diabetes, circulatory disorders, and nerve disorders.

Our foot and ankle doctors are highly skilled at recognizing podiatric conditions such as bunions, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, or foot ulcers. Once your condition has been identified by one of our podiatrists, we offer treatment options such as medicine, orthotics, surgery, or a combination of therapies to get you feeling better quickly.

Our services include:

To schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at the Foot Center in McAllen, call us at (956) 682-4187, or in Weslaco call (956) 969-1063. You may also use our convenient online appointment request form.